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Phase 3 of the Citywide Sidewalk and Approach Program

Post Date:12/12/2017

The City of Franklin announces Phase 3 of the Citywide Sidewalk and Approach Program.  We are in the early phases of marking deteriorated, cracked and/or damaged sidewalk and driveway aprons as part of the upcoming program.  Letters will be sent to effected property owners in February 2018 that will contain a full explanation of responsibilities and timelines for the project.  The map below reflects the Phase 3 project limits for 2018.2018 Sidewalk Phase 3

Download a full resolution of the above map by clicking HERE. [PDF Large file, may take some time based on your connection speed.]

Over time, sidewalks and driveway approaches become damaged from weathering, tree roots and routine use.  The purpose of the Sidewalk and Approach Program is to provide a safe pathway for pedestrian travel, children and disabled citizens.  As a part of the program, the City will perform yearly inspections of sidewalks and driveway approaches within certain sections of the City.  Following inspections, damaged sidewalks and driveway approaches must be repaired or reconstructed, as authorized by the Ohio Revised Code.

Under Ohio law, the abutting property is responsible for the maintenance of sidewalks, approaches, curbs and gutters.  Although the Ohio Revised Code places the burden for maintaining the curbs and gutters along City streets upon the abutting property owners, the City will bear this cost and not pass it on to the property owners.  The owners will only be responsible for the sidewalks and driveways approaches, as per Ohio law.

A permit is required from the City before undertaking any sidewalk repairs or reconstruction.  There is NO FEE for this permit.  A Permit is available HERE.  Please complete the permit and eithmarked sidewalker bring it to the City Building, or mail or fax it to:

Barry Conway
City of Franklin
1 Benjamin Franklin Way
Franklin, Ohio 45005

Fax: (937) 746-1136

Concrete slab replacement for sidewalks shall conform to the following Sidewalk Detail. Inspection of the stone base and formwork is required prior to the placement of concrete.  Please remember:

  • All work must be inspected prior to any concrete being placed.
  • If the repairs haven't been completed, the City will advertise, bid and award a contract to complete all remaining work that was not previously completed.
  • The cost of any repairs or reconstruction that the owner does not do and the City must complete will be assessed to the property over a period of years, as established by City Council.

While we are unable to provide an exact estimate of the cost of work, we have checked with neighboring communities and the costs under their sidewalk programs have ranged from $5-$8 a square foot for sidewalk replacement and $8-$10 a square foot for driveway approach repairs.  Your costs may be more or less.

If you wish to undertake the required repairs yourself, we recommend calling several contractors to shop around for the best price.  If you choose not to complete the repairs on your own, the City will include your required repairs with all other uncompleted repairs and bid all of them out as one project, and will award the bid to the lowest and best bidder.  Often, because the quantity is greater, the City is able to get a better price per square foot.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the City Engineer, Barry Conway, at 937-746-9921 ext. 1401.