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Leaf Pick-Up 2019

Post Date:09/27/2019




 Beginning on Monday, October 14th the City of Franklin will begin its

fall leaf  pickup.  The leaf pickup will be in two phases this year and with

designated areas.  The first phase will begin October 14th and end November

8th. The second phase will begin November 25th and end December 20th.


                                             PHASE 1


Oct. 14–Oct. 18…..  Area 1 – All residents south of 4th St.

Oct. 21- Oct. 25…….Area 2 – All residents north of 4th St.

Oct. 28– Nov. 1……Area 3-  All residents north of 2nd St., including 2nd St.

Nov. 4 - Nov. 8……Area 4- All residents west of the Great Miami.


                                           PHASE 11


Nov. 25– Nov. 29..... .Area 1- Same as above.

Dec.2 – Dec. 6…. ...  Area 2- Same as above.   

Dec. 9 – Dec. 13 ….Area 3- Same as above.

Dec. 16– Dec. 20…. Area 4- Same as above.



Leaves that are bagged will be picked up by Rumpke on your regular scheduled trash pickup day.


Bottles, trash, rocks and branches can damage the pickup equipment, preventing us from providing timely service to all residents.  We ask that care be taken so that only leaves are piled between the curb and the sidewalk.


Leaves must be swept between the curb and the sidewalk or placed in bags at the curb.


Please DO NOT rake your leaves out until your area is due.  This will help in keeping the gutters clean and open to take rain water.


We hope to provide this service in a manner that is of greatest help to our residents.  Please call 746-5001 with questions or problems.


Bags will be available again this year at the Public Works Department Facility, 202 Baxter Drive for those wanting to bag their leaves.