Access & Functional Needs Registry

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What is a Access and Functional Needs Registry?

The Access and Functional Needs Registry helps state and local governments identify and assist individuals with Access and Functional needs during an evacuation.  It is an efficient way to catalog individuals and their needs, map the evacuation area and deploy the essential resources.

You can register yourself, a loved one or a facility. There is no cost to Warren County residents to register.

Who should register:
  • those who are physically and/or mentally disabled or impaired
  • mobility limitations, deaf and hard of hearing
  • limited or non-English speaking
  • medically or chemically dependent
  • geographically and culturally isolated
  • frail elderly, and children

Warren County developed this registry to allow citizens with special needs and their associates an opportunity to provide information to emergency response agencies, so emergency responders can better plan to serve them in a disaster or other emergencies.

For the purpose of this project, a special needs individual is someone who cannot receive, understand or act upon emergency protective orders.

The information collected here will not be available to the public. The information will be held securely and only accessed for the purpose of emergency response and planning.

Please be as complete as possible in your responses. You will be e-mailed periodically to verify and ensure the information provided is correct and to make any necessary changes. Individual surveys will be archived after one year if not verified and facility surveys will be archived after six months if not verified. 

How do you register:

Who can I contact if I need assistance:

Rick Murray
Operations Manager
Warren County Emergency Management