Board of Zoning Appeals

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The Zoning Appeals Board has the authority to hear and decide appeals from decisions made by the Zoning Official or City Engineer under the Unified Development Ordinance; the authority to grant variances; the authority to approve changes in nonconforming uses; and the duty to interpret the Unified Development Ordinance or Zoning Map.

The Zoning Appeals Board was created by the Franklin City Charter and consists of five members, all appointed by Council for four-year terms.


Dave McDaniel
Mr. McDaniel has served on the Appeals Board since 2014
Juli Wiebusch
Ms. Wiebuschwas appointed to the Appeals Board in 2018
Bruce Stewart Mr. Stewart was appointed to the Appeals Board in 2012
Tony Trammell Mr. Trammell has served on the Appeals Board since 2004


The Zoning Appeals Board meets on an as-needed basis. All meetings are held at the City’s Municipal Building, 1 Benjamin Franklin Way.

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