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Q: How can I rent a Shelter at the park? How much is it?
The Shelters are rented on a first come basis. There is no charge to rent a shelter. Call (937) 746-8673 to make your reservation

Q: Who do I call if my neighbor’s grass is very high and/or yard is full of trash or junk? 
Call National Inspection Corporation (NIC) at 1-888-433-4642. The City contracts with NIC to handle all property maintenance issues.

Q: How can I fill my pool in the summer each year? 
Call the Utility Billing Division at 746-9921 Option #2 – They will give you a water only meter that you can hookup to your outside faucet and fill through a garden hose. This will charge for the water only – no sewer charges will be billed.

Q: How do I drain my swimming pool at the end of the year?
Under the Ohio EPA’s regulations, dechlorinated swimming pool water should be discharged into the City’s stormwater sewer system. It is illegal to drain chlorinated water into the City’s stormwater system or into any open ditch or watercourse. You can dechlorinate your pool water by resting the water (without adding any chemicals) for 48 hours or more before discharging it into a storm sewer. Pools cannot be drained, directly or indirectly, into any street or onto neighboring property. Please call the Public Works Department at (937) 746-5001 if you have questions.

Q: How can I find out if I need a permit for construction work or repairs?
 Call the Building & Zoning Division at (937) 746-9921 Ext. 1401.

For Street Cut Permits Only ($0.10 per square yard, $35.25 minimum) call the Public Works Department at (937) 746-5001.

Q: Who is responsible for the sidewalk and curb in front of my property? 
The sidewalk and curb in front of your property are your responsibility, and you must maintain and keep them in a safe condition – yes, this includes shoveling your sidewalk in the winter.

Q: Is there any where I can dump my brush?
Yes! At the Public Works Building, 202 Baxter Drive, we have a location to dump brush only – no trash, wood or any other types of items! Call (937) 746-5001 for more information.