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Curbside Advertisement Opt-Out

Citizens often ask how to stop the curbside delivery of newspaper type advertisements.  These ‘papers’ sometimes pile up in driveways and sidewalks, resulting in an unsightly annoyance for those residents who do not want them.  However, we have also found many residents do appreciate the value found in the coupons contained.

We cannot guarantee the following will effective.  If you would like to opt-out of receiving these papers, the best hope for doing so is by completing this form.  Your message will be automatically delivered to the appropriate representative at Cox Media who will relay your request to the appropriate firm(s).  If you would prefer, you may call 1-888-397-6397.

My name is:
I am the resident of:
I am the resident of:

I respectfully request to opt-out of the delivery of all curbside advertisements that are delivered to my addresses.

You may contact me at:
You may contact me at:

Thank you.

This message is generated by an non-monitored messaging system via  The information above was submitted by a website user to the agent(s) for those firms delivering curbside advertisements.

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