Franklin's HOPE

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What is HOPE?

Our effort to combat the Opioid epidemic (and all forms of chemical dependency) that has swept the nation, and impacted far to many of our family and friends.  Together, police and fire/ems officials have come together to take action and help make a change for the better.  Overall there are many components to the HOPE program, and there is much more work to be done.  But after more than 18-months of researching the issues of addiction and recovery, analyzing our local data and interviewing countless experts in the field, we feel it is time to launch our program and put our ideas into motion.  Throughout our time working together, we have purposely set out to design a wraparound program that will address this issue from as many sides as necessary while remaining focused on those who will benefit from a program such as this.  While this program spawned from the opioid crisis, we will work individuals and families struggling with all types of chemical addiction.

What should I expect? 

Compassionate people willing to partner with you in the search for solutions that will result in a healthier and safer community.  Our teams primarily consist of three disciplines; certified addiction specialist, law enforcement and emergency medical services.  Each has a specific role and expertise.  Together, you will not find a more passionate group of individuals who are collectively working to end this epidemic.

Trust is critical here- know that we will fairly work with you and your loved ones to bring resolution to as many challenges each of these circumstance hold.  We know there are lots of problems wrapped up in these situations.  You can trust us to work through these issues.  Do not allow the fear of the unknown to prevent you from connecting with us.  We have the expertise and experience to help navigate issues such as child-custody, court, probation, child and family services, criminal justice, medical treatment and so forth.  Really, if we listed all of the partnerships that we have in place, you would stop reading.  Trust that we spent a year and a half designing this program for good reason.  Experts in the field, who have helped establish earlier versions of programs such as these, have praised our comprehensive approach. You can trust that we will work hard to help you in your current situation.  Please reach out to us before it gets worse.

How do I get help for myself or a loved one?

Contact our HOPE Coordinator

Lt. Katherine Williams, BSN, EMT-P by E-Mail or Phone 937-746-4542 Ext. 1624.

What happens next?

Our team will come to you, or we can schedule a meeting to talk.  We want to understand what you are facing; your challenges and identify opportunities to help.  There are many options and various needs.  Potential outcomes include connecting you to counseling, including determine the best options that may include out-patient treatment (important when employment needs are a factor); or directing patients to in-patient treatment programs.  Sometimes there is a medical concern due to physical dependency and a need for detox; we can assist with that as well.  We can't know until we meet with the person struggling with this problem.

What does this cost?

There is no cost to you for participating in HOPE visits.  In reality, we may come visit based on previous interactions with EMS, law enforcement, or maybe even a referral from a friend or loved one.  Please, allow us to meet with you.  Our team will work to connect and enroll you with the various programs that are available and may cover most of the subsequent treatment programs that follow.  Operationally, the city is actively seeking (and already awarded) a number of grants to fund this program.  We understand cost is a concern on all issues of this problem.  While we are mindful of this concern, we know from years of working in this field, in thousands of instances, that the greater good will prevail from this investment of time and resources.

Looking for more information now?

Visit the Heroin Hope Line - Let's fight together.